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Teaching 2014/2015:
MA4A2 Advanced PDE. Aimed at 4th year undergraduates. Term 1
MA608 Topics in Geometric Analysis. Aimed at PhD students, postdocs and staff. Tuesdays 3-5pm, terms 2-3. Please contact me for further details or to go on the mailing list. CURRENT TOPICS: De Giorgi Nash Moser theory, and applications old and new. New theory for expanding Ricci solitons. Aspects of Harmonic maps and Teichmueller theory. Kaehler geometry.

Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge EPSRC Programme Grant in Geometric Analysis.

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Current Analysis seminars, and the Seminar poster. We also have an Analysis Seminar Archive.

Opportunities to join the geometric analysis group at Warwick.
Details of my postdocs and students 15/16

I have been working mainly on geometric flows. More generally, I study nonlinear partial differential equations, with an emphasis on those arising in the calculus of variations, geometric analysis, applied analysis and differential geometry.

Particular areas of specialisation currently include
1) Harmonic maps and their heat flow; bubbling phenomena.
2) Ricci flow.
3) Compensation properties of Jacobian determinants
4) Isoperimetric inequalities.
5) Minimal surfaces and mean curvature flow.
6) Willmore surfaces.
7) Fluid dynamics.

Download my Lectures on the Ricci flow HERE

ICM video: Ricci flows with unbounded curvature.

Papers: Here are some ABSTRACTS of selected articles, (no longer maintained) many of which are available below to download:

1) `Rigidity in the harmonic map heat flow.' J. Differential Geometry, 45 (1997) 593-610. PDF or Postscript or DVI.
2) `The Optimal Constant in Wente's $L^\infty$ Estimate.' Comment. Math. Helvetici, 72 (1997) 316-328. pdf , Postscript (preprint) or DVI (preprint).
3) `Mean curvature flow and geometric inequalities.' J. Reine Angew. Math., 503 (1998) 47-61. Postscript or pdf.
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44) joint with Melanie Rupflin: `Horizontal curves of hyperbolic metrics.' Preprint (2016).

Events I have co-organised:

Geometric flows and related topics, 26-30 March 2007, Warwick.

Minimal surfaces and constant mean curvature surfaces . Tuesday 20 January 2009, Warwick.

Nonlinear PDE and free boundary problems . A series of minicourses and invited talks. 15-19 June 2009, Warwick. Poster

Mini-Workshop on Geometric Analysis. 23-24 June 2010, Warwick.

Workshop on Geometric Analysis. 20-24 June 2011, ICMS, Edinburgh.

South West PDE Winter school, 5-6 January 2012 at Warwick.

Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric Analysis seminar, 10 May 2012, at Warwick.

At the Frontier of Analysis and Probability, Sept 2012, at Warwick.

International Conference on Geometric Analysis, Sept 2012, at Seillac, Loire valley, France.

International conference on Nonlinear PDE, 10-13 September 2012, at Oxford.

Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric Analysis Seminar. 30 May 2013, at Imperial.

Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric Analysis Postdoctoral meeting. 9/10 December 2013 at Warwick.

Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric Analysis Seminar. 19 March 2014 at Cambridge.

Lisbon 2014 Geometric Analysis conference. 7-11 July 2014 at ICT, Lisbon. Conference photo.

Junior Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric Analysis meeting. 12 December 2014 at De Morgan house, LMS, London.

Geometric flows: recent developments and applications. 12-17 April 2015 at BIRS, Banff, Canada.

Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric Analysis 3-day meeting. 15-17 July 2015 at Imperial college.

Partial Differential Equations. 2-8 August 2015 at Oberwolfach.

Geometric PDE. 12-16 December 2016 at Warwick.

Partial Differential Equations. 30 July - 5 August 2017 at Oberwolfach.

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